How to paint a picture of success

Huge congratulations to our clients  Noel & Edith Usher and children, Sharlene,  Andrew and Darcy. The family first became clients on 9 November 1980. Their business has won the Inspirations Paint Franchise Group,  State and National Franchise of the Year Award. These Awards have only been  presented 3 times and the Usher Family have won all three. 

Many Barcaldine residents will have fond memories of Noel's father and mother , Eric and Dawn Usher. Eric was a trade painter who worked in our district for many years. Some may remember the Paint and Curtain shop next to the Shakespeare hotel building, which was Edith's Pet Project. 

When Noel & Edith left Barcaldine to live in Nerang, they struggled to buy a small paint shop.  In the early years it was Edith who managed the store full-time. Then she was joined by Andrew when he left school, and then Sharlene their daughter.  Noel and Darcy ran another small successful painting business (Darcy completing his Painting & Decorating Apprenticeship). They later sold this business and were then fully engaged in the paint shop business. A second shop  north of Nerang at Coomera was opened in 2005. 

Since then, Andrew & Darcy have been responsible for the successful running and management of both businesses, now employing 20 people. While understanding paint has been critical to their success, they have also had to develop boardroom skills as their empire grew from a simple partnership to a complex system of companies and trusts, each designed to address new issues at every stage in their growth. 

They claim some of the secrets  of success can be partly  attributed to;  their intimate knowledge of paint acquired over 3 generations;  never forgetting  good  customer service,  and working hard. I would like to add the comment that they have maintained high ethical standards at all times.   Their success story demonstrates once again that the boys  (Andrew & Darcy both born in Barcaldine) and girls from the bush can compete on the national scene.

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