Fake tax agent scam alert

Currently scammers are coercing victims into parting with money by pretending to be the victim's tax agent. 

The scammer tries to convince the victim that he or she owes money to the ATO which must be paid immediately to avoid the issue of an arrest warrant. The ATO has warned taxpayers that it "will never demand immediate payments, threaten with arrest or request payment by unusual means such as iTunes vouchers, store gift cards or Bitcoin cryptocurrency".

You would think that no-one would fall for such an obvious scam but people do. Last month (November 2018) the ATO received 37000 reports of scam attempts. 

The total money scammed for the month has not been reported yet but one person was conned out of  $236,000.  I have received calls from scammers who were very convincing. 

If you receive any call placing undue pressure on you to make immediate payment, contact your tax agent before you part with any money.